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A Business Engagement and Knowledge Transfer Club Managed and Owned by its Members

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     Bringing Professionals Together to Support and Develop the Medway Towns



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    Young person £20 (16-25)    

    Individual £50
                                                                                                         EVENTS HALF PRICE FOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS
    Corporate £150 (up to five members) 

    Sponsored £250 (name on all marketing publications)   

                                                                                              EVENTS FREE FOR CORPORATE AND SPONSORED MEMBERS

Are you interested in becoming a committee member?     If so, in what capacity?

What do you want to achieve by becoming a member?

Membership Benefits:

·        Be part of a highly innovative and impactful networking organisation in Medway

·        Many opportunities of getting involved in community projects

·        Apply to be on the management committee, or any of the sub-committees, building your management and team building skills

·        Support young people through mentoring, work experience, internships etc.

·        Early access to book the networking events

·        Discounted rates for the networking events

·        Priority booking access to book on the exclusive networking events

·        Access to the ‘members only’ LinkedIn community

·        Access to the Club’s ability to negotiate benefits from companies on your behalf

·        Immediate access to a 15% discount on advertising with the local radio station, KMFM

·        Be proud that you are part of a networking club that is using its influence to generate opportunities for people of the Medway


·        An opportunity to be a ‘Featured Business’ at the networking events

·        Priority access to ‘Showcase’ your products or services at the networking events

·        Receive a certificate to state that you are a member of the Club which can be produced or displayed which provides

         evidence that you are engaging in Corporate Social R Early access to book events

·        Receive the ‘Event Delegate lists’ prior to the networking event

Be part of an Business Engagement Group that is:

·        a not-for-profit organisation (events are covered by the ticket price, and membership fees will used to manage and promote the

         Club, with all profits being used for community projects as agreed with the management committee

 ·       a Club that is managed by the members for the members

·        e
ngaging and encouraging young people to be members of the Club to assist in building confidence and business links before

         they go into the world of business and employment

·       support the Medway communities through exposure and engagement

·       providing excellent opportunities to businesses and professionals for natural networking, not the hard-sell.