​bringing professionals together to support and develop the medway towns community

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Exclusive opportunities to promote your business and become part of the Medway Business & Education Community

A Networking Club that is managed and owned by its members

The Founding President has decided to set up her own consultancy business 'Medway Professional Services', specialising in resolving Employee Relation Disputes; her first mission was to start networking in the local business community.  Although there are some very good networking opportunities, nothing really hit the mark.  She was looking for a networking club that she could contribute to, and a club that was inclusive, diverse, and gave back something to the community, be that monetary from membership fees or resources provided by the more privileged amongst us.  She was also looking for a networking club that held natural networking opportunities with themes and/or inspirational speakers.  The Medway Business Club was born!

How it Started

Our aims

Who is Welcome

Everyone, professionals starting up a business, professionals in a company position, anyone wanting to start a business - anyone that can contribute to the Club, and anyone who wants to contribute to the community. Our objective is to ensure that everyone can contribute to the business, education and local community of the Medway Towns. 

To develop a successful Networking Club that professionals and the community can benefit from;

​To develop a Club that is managed by it' members, monitored with the overall governance of an elected committee;

​For Professionals to work closely with the Educational Community and other organisations for their mutual benefit;

​To organise events that are inspirational and beneficial to the members and attendees​​​.