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     Bringing Professionals Together to Support and Develop the Medway Towns

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Exclusive opportunities to promote your business and become part of the Medway Business & Education Community

A Business Engagement and Knowledge Transfer Club Managed and Owned by its Members

The Founding President has decided to set up her own consultancy business 'Medway Professional Services', specialising in resolving Employee Relation Disputes; her first mission was to start networking in the local business community.  Although there are some very good networking opportunities, nothing really hit the mark.  She was looking for a networking club that she could contribute to, and a club that was inclusive, diverse, and gave back something to the community, be that monetary from membership fees or resources provided by the more privileged amongst us.  She was also looking for a networking club that held natural networking opportunities with themes and/or inspirational speakers.  The Medway Business Club was born!

How it Started

Our aims

Who is Welcome

Everyone, professionals starting up a business, professionals in a company position, anyone wanting to start a business - anyone that can contribute to the Club, and anyone who wants to contribute to the community. Our objective is to ensure that everyone can contribute to the business, education and local community of the Medway Towns. 

To develop a successful Engagement Club that professionals and the community can benefit from

​To develop a Club that is managed by its members, monitored with the overall governance of an elected Committee

​For Professionals to work closely with other local organisations for their mutual benefit

​To organise events that are inspirational and beneficial to the members and attendees

To engage with and benefit the wider business community in Medway

Who is welcome?

We welcome members from all types of businesses across the Medway Towns, who would like to get involved in the networking events and/or assist in the management of the Club. Our objective is to ensure that everyone can contribute and promote the business, education and local community of Medway. 

How much it is to join per year?

£50 for individuals
£20 for 18-25 year olds
£150-250 for an organisations,  then free to attend each event for 12 months

£20 fee per event for non-members

                                                                             EVENTS ARE HALF PRICE FOR MEMBERS

Sponsor an event

If you would like to sponsor an event (one sponsor only per event), please put together a simple proposal which will be considered by the Committee. The Committee’s decision  will depend on the theme of the event and how it would benefit both your business and the members. For this sponsorship, your name would be on all of the marketing and advertising materials and you can have a banner displayed at the event and a speaking slot.

What do you use the membership fee for?

As a not–for-profit club, the fees are used to manage and promote the Club and each event with any financial surplus put back into community projects in the Medway Towns as agreed by the management Committee.

 How often, where and when do you meet?

Networking events 6 times a year, every other month from 12.00pm to 2.00pm, with the opportunity to continue networking following the closing of the event. We try to use different interesting venues around the Medway Towns. We have a different theme for each event which will have 2 or 3 speakers for 15 to 20 minutes each to educate and inform members on topics of interest. These events are NOT appropriate  as  merely sales pitches for your  own business.